School marketing podcast #30: Part 1/3 – 9 Steps to Marketing Your Christian School

School marketing podcast #30: Part 1/3 - 9 Steps to Marketing Your Christian School

This is the first of a 3-part series called “9 Steps to Marketing Your Christian School.”  Over the next several months, we will roll out blog posts, free webinar, and a free e-book around these 9 steps.  In this first episode of this series, we will address the communication component of the 9 steps, which includes steps #1-4.  You will learn:

  • the importance of your school’s marketing and communication team agreeing on a definition of marketing,
  • the critical role of differentiation in your communication strategy,
  • the integration of recruiting, retention and referrals (the 3 Rs of school marketing)
  • the necessary assessment of your visual brand and how your brand communicates to your ideal families

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3 Rs of School Marketing – Retention (Pt 2 of 3)

Retention Marketing:  Keeping Families Coming Back for More to Your Private School

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In the 2nd of this 3-part series, I begin focusing on how your school can transform your retention efforts!  In addition, we will explore in this 3rd post of this series how your referral strategy works together with your retention strategy to cultivate “LOYAL AMBASSADORS.”

The first word of that phrase reminds us all that loyalty helps ensure retention!  This is a common consideration in small businesses, but something often overlooked in private schools.  As one school administrator told me once, “when we retain even one family, it is our best fund raiser.”  So if your school’s financial solvency rests on the keeping your ideal families coming back year-after-year, then what are you doing to intentional cultivate loyalty?

First of all, in the first part of this series, we focused on recruiting the idea family (unless you know what makes someone an ideal family, you’ll be fighting your own efforts at retention).   Cultivating loyalty is made much easier when your ideal family is matched with your school’s excellent performance.  When an ideal family finds a suitable solution to the academic, spiritual or moral challenges facing them, they are more likely to stay year after year.   If at any time, this family feels taken advantage of, or taken for granted, their eyes may be lured elsewhere.

Here are 7 tips on ensuring your ideal families sign on year after year for your private school: (more…)

2012 Starts Now! Are You Ready?

Randy Vaughn, Private School Marketing Consultant

I built this page especially for you – the Admissions / Marketing / PR / Communications professional at a private school.  Or perhaps you are a President, Headmaster or Board Chairman.  Regardless of position or title, we have provided a guide to getting your 2012-2013 school year off to a great start:

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Differentiation: Showcasing Your School’s Uniqueness to the Right People with host and school marketing consultant, Randy Vaughn
Schools & PR:  Case Study from a Student Protest Gone Right with guest, Richie Escovedo

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Is your school lacking direction in your marketing?

Is Your School Website About YOU or THEM?

Is Your School Website About YOU or THEM?

When it comes to your school’s website, is it:

  • all about YOU?
  • all about THEM?

It’s easy to try and imagine every bit of information you think a prospective family might want to know about your school.  The only problem is that (more…)