Increasing prospective family possibilities at your school through practical lead generation tactics (podcast ep.#54)

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Interview guest: Kevin Jordan, Founder of Redpoint Marketing Consultants and a Certified Consultant with Duct Tape Marketing (Randy is also a Certified Consultant in the same network of global marketing consultants).

Kevin & Randy have served as Duct Tape Marketing Certified Consultants for a number of years, helping businesses, nonprofits and schools to grow through simple, effective and affordable marketing.

During this podcast, we explore specific ways to attract new families to your school through such tactics as:

  • FAQs & SAQs (“Should Ask Questions”)
  • Testimonials
  • Event marketing (private school fairs)
  • Email marketing
  • Sponsorships
  • Strategic partnerships (i.e., BNI)
  • Direct mail
  • SEO
  • Social
  • …and more!

 "Small Business Owner's Guide To Local Lead Generation: Proven Strategies & Tips To Grow Your Business!" - Kevin Jordan, Duct Tape Marketing Consultant

Kevin, along with multiple co-authors, has released a great resource called, “Small Business Owner’s Guide To Local Lead Generation: Proven Strategies & Tips To Grow Your Business!” which can also work well for independent schools (who are more like a business than a public school would be).