Using email marketing to engage prospective families (and doing it the right way!)

Email marketing strategy - private Christian school

Email continues to be one of the strongest venues for communicating with prospective families. Here are the 5 best reasons why this is true:

  1. PERSONAL: People still check their inbox for personalized messages. Parents are likely getting emails from their teacher in public school, from their church, and from other news items they have subscribed to.  Not to mention emails from their friends.  Admittedly, Facebook or other social platforms allow direct messages, but for anything of length, email is where people turn to.
  2. INTIMATE: Social media reaches people with a mass message but people’s inboxes are private and intimate.  People “feel” like the message is sent to them (even if it is a message sent to a larger audience).
  3. HIGHER VISIBILITY: Facebook’s revenue generating emphasis keeps people from seeing your posts. There is a much higher chance of someone seeing your message in their email in their inbox.  Plus, (more…)