Understanding Facebook’s Edgerank

Understanding EdgeRank - Facbeook and Private School Marketing

When we are talking about how to get more visibility to your school’s Facebook page, you need to understand EdgeRank.  Launched 2 years ago (although most people still have no idea what it is), EdgeRank is an algorithm that ranks objects in the Facebook News Feed. Pages with high EdgeRank Scores will be more likely to show up in the news feed than Pages with low EdgeRank Scores.

EdgeRank is made up of 3 variables:

  1. Affinity – Dependent on a user’s relationship with an object in the news feed.
  2. Weight – Determined by the type of object, such as a photo/video/link/etc.
  3. Time Decay – As an object gets older, the lower the value.

Understanding EdgeRank is vital, but if you are still saying, “I don’t get this!” then, you are not alone.  To help us out, here are 3 more resources you may find helpful in understanding EdgeRank and the impact it is on your school’s Facebook page:

  • What is EdgeRank? [You might enjoy understanding EdgeRank from this well-done illustration/infographic]

Finally I’ll let someone take a shot at teaching you more on video [watch the 11 min video]:

*OK, admittedly, this video can leave you overwhelmed, but don’t be!  We can coach you through this  – contact us today!

Why Facebook’s New Admin Roles Won’t Help Your Private School

Facebook Changes: Admin Roles - Why They Won't Help Your Private School

The internet world is finicky.  Normally when Facebook announces a revolutionary change, the overwhelming feedback in my newsfeed is negative.  Most people, including Facebook page admins, are still adjusting to the changes in the Timeline announced previously this spring.  And there are still many complaints.

Now this week, Facebook announces two significant modifications:  FB page admin roles and scheduling posts.  Today’s post will deal with the former; we will pick up the latter next week.

While the social media bandwagon is thrilled with the FB admin roles (and most of the big “gurus” out there are super giddy with nothing negative to say), I question how the new FB page admin roles will help your school. (more…)

Angry Words: Why Your School Needs Reviews Today!

Angry Parents:  Your Christian School Needs Reviews

You get an angry parent who not only lashes out to your Headmaster in person, but he takes it online.  Ouch.  It’s one thing for an exchange to happen behind closed doors on campus, but it’s a bigger deal when prospective families get to read about it online!

That’s why your school needs reviews today – right now – don’t delay!

I would encourage you to ASK your satisfied families to review you on 2 different places online:

  1. Your School’s Google Place Local Page – because Google is Google, if a prospective family is searching online using the most popular search engine, they will likely see a map listing alongside Place Local Pages for various area school’s matching the search person’s search terms.  The sheer prominence of Google reviews makes it a strong reason to have reviews there.
  2. GreatSchools.org is the other review site where you must have reviews.  Formerly integrated into the entirety of reviews on your Google Place Local Page (but now separated under an obscure link to “more reviews around the web”), families who know about GreatSchools may come here first to check out various things about the schools in the area.  Even the Today Show recommends this website for families to review schools. As well, GreatSchools got some national recognition in a recent article on Education Week.

Keeping a consistent flow of positive reviews is the very best solution for deflating the sting of an occasional negative review.  But they are not as easy to get as you might think – asking 10 families might generated 1-2 reviews.  Families are busy and they forget to do it – keep following up and asking.