#26: Open House Marketing: 3 Ways to Attract the Right Kinds of Families to Your Next Christian School Marketing Event

Christian schools are readying themselves, not necessarily for the holidays (although I hope you will get a much-needed break).  It is full marketing season over the next few months.  Schools are preparing for the next on-campus marketing/admissions event:

  • Open house
  • Admission events
  • Preview night
  • Coffee & conversation
  • Campus visit
  • Personal tour

Analyze your marketing goals for 2014 and look are targeting your marketing better.  Segment your content based on your marketing goal.  Produce high quality content that resonates with the needs, problems, pains, frustrations and fears of your prospective families.  This will capture their attention, and as they offer their email address in exchange for your great content, your email database will grow!

In this episode, we look at the 3 most important ways you can attract the right kinds of families to your campus event.


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