Winning Over Families: Part 2 of 2

Winning Over Families for Your Private School

In a previous post about winning over prospective families for your school, we looked at 4 popular marketing tools that private schools use in showcasing themselves, including your school’s website, the printed marketing collateral, your high-priced overview video and recruiting events.

But let’s be honest:  while these are likely necessary elements in your overall marketing mix, there are many prospective families who are not yet ready to commit.  One of their most obvious questions is:  “does everyone really look that nice?”  While some families are easily convinced, others shout out for proof:  “Sure, you’re a great school, but show me the evidence!

Here are 3 ways to showcase this evidence: (more…)

Winning Over Families: Part 1 of 2

Private School Marketing: Making First Impressions

If you are like most schools, you spend alot of time (and money, too) seeking to impress families, showcase your very best, and eventually convert students into full-pay families for not just one year, but until they graduate!

Typically, I see 4 main areas where schools spend alot of resources: (more…)

Using email marketing to engage prospective families (and doing it the right way!)

Email marketing strategy - private Christian school

Email continues to be one of the strongest venues for communicating with prospective families. Here are the 5 best reasons why this is true:

  1. PERSONAL: People still check their inbox for personalized messages. Parents are likely getting emails from their teacher in public school, from their church, and from other news items they have subscribed to.  Not to mention emails from their friends.  Admittedly, Facebook or other social platforms allow direct messages, but for anything of length, email is where people turn to.
  2. INTIMATE: Social media reaches people with a mass message but people’s inboxes are private and intimate.  People “feel” like the message is sent to them (even if it is a message sent to a larger audience).
  3. HIGHER VISIBILITY: Facebook’s revenue generating emphasis keeps people from seeing your posts. There is a much higher chance of someone seeing your message in their email in their inbox.  Plus, (more…)

School marketing podcast #15: Pinterest Part 1

Using Twitter Before, During & After Your Open House: Private / Christian School Marketing Podcast

Seems like many private schools have an interest in Pinterest.  Independent schools and Christian schools are asking “how can we use Pinterest in our marketing strategy?”  In a two-part series, we first talk about how we use Pinterest to help your school marketing.  See the shownotes below for links to various boards. And click here to go to Part 2.

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Pinterest board: Referrals & Word of Mouth Ideas for Private Christian Schools (@schoolmktg)

From time to time, I will showcase specific boards we have on our Pinterest account.  As we do our research on the web (from articles we find on Twitter,, Facebook and several other sources), we curate content around specific topics and pin them to our different boards.

Click the image below to view the board offering ideas on referral marketing and word of mouth strategies for private / Christian schools:

Pinterest board: Referrals & Word of Mouth Ideas for Private Christian Schools