Click to record your question or comment for the School Marketing PodcastThis has been months in the making (and that’s an “in progress” statement) – but I am eager to finally start a podcast uniquely positioned to help private schools fill seats and stop wasting money!  I anticipate sharing podcast episodes where I share marketing resources, tips on using social media, innovative strategic approaches and ideas for word-of-mouth marketing.  But I’m really excited about conducting GUEST INTERVIEWS with other school marketing folks, school administrators, or other experts who have ideas that can benefit a private school, independent school, Christian school, etc.

* NOTE – this is not a compensated interview NOR does it cost to be on the show (it is invitation only)

Christian & Private School Marketing Podcast - Next Guest?

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  1. My inaugural podcast interview was with Dr. Rick Newberry of Enrollment Catalyst and Brendan Schneider of Sewickley Academy outside of Pittsburg (of fame!)  Take a listen to this 25 minute podcast episode and learn from this two gentlemen about marketing strategy, social media and telling the story of your school!
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– Randy