School marketing podcast #15: Pinterest Part 1

Using Twitter Before, During & After Your Open House: Private / Christian School Marketing Podcast

Seems like many private schools have an interest in Pinterest.  Independent schools and Christian schools are asking “how can we use Pinterest in our marketing strategy?”  In a two-part series, we first talk about how we use Pinterest to help your school marketing.  See the shownotes below for links to various boards. And click here to go to Part 2.

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Does your school have a visual content strategy?

Does your private school have a visual content strategy?

Does your school have a visual content strategy?  Nowadays, you are probably aware that the social world is heavily focused on the “visual” representation of the events of your school.  Are you using Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr, Facbeook photos, or Twitter pics to showcase all the events at your school?

Besides just snapping photos, your school must have a visual content strategy in order to optimize the use of pictures.  Your families (current and prospective) are very visual and the integrated world of social media is highly visual.  How visual is your online content?  In a recent guest article on a nationally-recognized small business forum, I was invited to share the important elements of having a visual content strategy.  I think you can easily make the translation to having a visual marketing strategy for your school.

I invite you to read the full article: “2 Easy Steps to a Visual Content Strategy.”


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Private Schools Using Pinterest – We Do!

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For schools not on Pinterest (now or never), it is still essential to consider your school’s visual strategy because parents and prospectives may want to pin your stuff!  So even if you have no plans on pinning yourself, be sure and offer them strong pinnable visuals on your web pages, in blog posts and throughout your site that can be pinned (having a quick “Share” button with a Pinterest option is essential).  You can also create strong video content on YouTube that can be pinned as well.

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