School marketing podcast #29: Retention, Referrals & Amy Grant

Coming on the heels of Episode #28 where we discussed the definition of school marketing, now we talk about a term “loyal ambassadors.”  In previous episodes, we talked a little more in depth about what it means to be a “loyal ambassador” (see the SHOWNOTES below for the links to those shows).  When you think about what you are doing in school marketing, only pushing “enrollment” is short-sighted.  You need to recruit new students, but also focus on retention (loyalty) and referrals (ambassadors and word of mouth). Making this episode even more interesting, we also talk about Taco Bell, Amy Grant, Quebec City and Randy’s upcoming speaking engagement at the National Christian School Association Annual Conference in Nashville.

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    8. Listen to John 3:16 in the Aja-gbe language (Randy is fluent in this African language after spending 10 years in West Africa as a church planting and leadership training missionary)
    9. 2 Corinthians 5:20 – read this amazing verse in multiple versions of the Bible – be an ambassador for Christ!