Free Marketing Ideas for Christian Schools


As we continue to offer marketing consulting for private Christian schools all over the U.S., I wanted to give many of our new visitors a summary of the way we deliver free marketing ideas for private schools.  We love to give away free ideas and freely share resources that we find all over the web.  Here are a variety of ways we share marketing ideas with private schools:

  • School Marketing FREE REPORTS (see bottom of this page) – we invite you to download for free any of our free reports (we hope to add a few reports in 2013)

I also found this article that you may want to review as well.  What I found interesting is, at the end of the article, the Asker of the question tells you what idea meant the most.  You will want to check it out:  “Marketing ideas to help increase enrollment in private school?

VIDEO MARKETING: Creative Teacher Using YouTube Goes Viral

Just a few days ago, I bragged on schools for incorporating user-generated content into your social marketing efforts.  Friends share friends’ stuff!

Now, a new video is popping up all over education-related blogs and anyone who loves creative activity in the classroom.  I know the intent was not likely to drive almost a half-million hits (at the time of this writing), but it was more likely to keep the students awake in class!  Seriously, I applaud the teacher for utilizing a creativity in his classroom.

Beyond the innovative classroom instruction, there is so much social marketing potential here – as all these hits translate to positive SEO juice for your site, and it is social candy for your Facebook and Twitter account.  When your staff or students use video content in innovative ways, people like to watch!

– Randy