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-Randy Vaughn

9 Steps to Marketing Your Christian
Many schools have a grand long-term vision, but the daily grind of marketing is often characterized as:

  • CHAOTIC (led by trendy fads)
  • COPYCAT (doing whatever your competition is doing)
  • CHRONIC CONFUSION (doing what you have always done because you’ve always done it that way).

Wouldn’t you rather have a systematic approach to marketing? Wouldn’t you rather dust off the rarely-used, spiral-bound “marketing plan” and install a marketing system that is dynamic, intentional and strategic? We want to help your school install this kind of marketing system through our “9 Steps to Marketing Your Christian School” coaching program. OPTION 1: (10 months) This is our signature comprehensive program that most schools choose; we work with your school on a very personal basis, communicating bi-weekly, and including two scheduled on-site visits (and we absorb any travel-related expenses!) As a bonus, your team receives a complimentary all-access pass to the School Marketing Academy. OPTION 2: (Fast Track, 7 weeks) At a lower fee, we coach your school on an implementation plan of the “9 Steps” program (just as we do in Option 1). We begin on-site (travel-related expenses at our expense), 5 consecutive weeks in virtual coaching, and then end with a foll0w-up 1-on-1 telephone consultation. OPTION 3: (Enrollment Marketing Roadmap) During a brief visit to your campus and a few coaching phone calls, we can help give you a roadmap for enrollment success! While not having the accountability, follow-up and personal interaction over a long period of time, this roadmap may be the ideas opportunity to have us give you an assessment of your strategy and a practical implementation plan!  

Randy Vaughn quickly became a good friend to Covenant Life School, and he changed forever how we market our school. He realigned our understanding of marketing to help us think about what we can do to build a stronger sense of community and satisfaction among our current families so they will re-enroll and refer their friends. He helped us organize our marketing team to begin using an integrated social media system, with a systematic approach for planning our marketing strategies and methods. And he walked us through how to develop and present valuable content with shelf life to educate families and build trust so they will consider how our school can meet their needs, calm their fears and fulfill their desires.
Bob Schickler

Business Administrator, Covenant Life School, Gaithersburg, MD

To learn more about how we could work with your school (via any of the options listed above, or in a customized model), complete the form below for a complimentary phone consultation. During this conversation, we will identify the biggest challenge(s) facing your school, examine the benefits of installing a systematic approach to marketing, and discuss the cost of the program.
  • (www.school.org)
  • We will have some initial communication via email, but we want to have this phone information on hand because eventually we will want to speak via phone.

Download a printable brochure
  1. Define marketing
  2. Identify & reaching your ideal family
  3. Understand the 3Rs of marketing
  4. Branding
  5. Content is King
  6. Social/Online/Inbound Marketing
  7. Lay out the stepping stones
  8. Identify the gaps
  9. Marketing by a calendar

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