How We Can Help

If you are a Christian School Administrator or serve on your private school’s marketing committee, you are likely familiar with these challenges:

– identifying prospective students

– retaining existing students and their families

– competing with public schools in town when they often have more activities and better facilities than you do

– communicating to the community of the advantages that a private education affords students and their families

– raising awareness of your school’s impact in the community and in the lives of students and their families

– reaching new students and families with an effective website

– employing a sustainable marketing strategy when the personnel and families involved in your school change on a regular basis

Sound familiar?

We can create a strategic marketing plan to help you face all the challenges above (and the ones not listed!) As marketing coaches, we equip to install a proven marketing system for your school that is unique to your school. We mentor and train you as you develop a personalized marketing strategy that helps you:

– identify targeted market segments in order to maximize marketing dollars needed to recruit new students

– develop consistent and core messages that resonate with your target audience and create maximum communication impact

– see where you need to refresh or launch new marketing collateral and media (printed materials, website, radio/newspaper/TV, etc)

– maximize your public relations strategy through the use of online news releases, targeted PR campaigns, and other efforts to raise awareness

– energize current students and their families to become your front-line advocates and recruiters for your school

– optimize your Facebook Page to enhance community, draw for fan traffic and attract prospective families and students

– establish a systematic marketing calendar that can be followed by revolving marketing committee members and changing administration

NOTE:  Whenever possible, and with careful examination, we typically do not conduct simultaneous consulting engagements with schools within 10 miles of one another.  Project marketing may allow for helping schools within close proximity but when engaged in long-term efforts, we recognize some conflict in such scenarios.  We pray and evaluate each decision in a case-by-case basis.

We offer coaching by phone (teleseminars that are cost-effective), full-day seminars and workshops, and monthly marketing consultation. Contact us for pricing structures (typically they are based on a sliding scale determined by your enrollment #’s).  

We are ready to launch an affordable school marketing plan to promote, recruit and market your school to your community!

Get started helping with your school marketing!