GRUM: Instagram Scheduling Tool

It’s almost time for Christmas break, so you might be thinking of what you will do during the 2-3 weeks off. Well, if going MIA on social media is one of them, think again.


I have used a variety of Instagram tools for trying to schedule posts. Before now, the one tool I used most often was Hootsuite. I could at least plan my Instagram posts and then schedule them  . . .  to notify me when it was time to post. So it wasn’t truly “set it and forget it” because I had to be available when the notification would come to drop what I was doing and open Instagram and post the previously schedule post. Better than nothing, but I really wanted a TRUE scheduling tool.

Introducing GRUM. Click here to subscribe to GRUM for only $9.95/month (at the time of this article, you can try it for FREE for 3 days without even entering a credit card). To me, this is worth it because it truly allows me to schedule my Instagram and never think about it again. With the holidays coming up, this is a great tool!

An added BONUS is that you can also schedule your Instagram posts FROM YOUR DESKTOP COMPUTER!  Really? Yes, really.

*At this time, there is no affiliate program for GRUM but they are working on it. So for now, this is a non-compensated endorsement. To be candid, I have used it for about a month so I may retract my endorsement at a later date, but for now, I can’t see why. This is what I’ve been looking for.

I hope it helps you.


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