School marketing podcast changes in 2015 (episode #43)

In 2015, there will be a few changes to the School Marketing Podcast, but some things will remain the same (listen to the podcast at the bottom of this post).


  1. We will continue to deliver high-quality content, ideas, resources about marketing your school. It’s only a short podcast twice a month, but combined with other content we produce, we trust it will be valuable.
  2. It is our goal to deliver 2 podcast episodes each month. While a biweekly schedule is preferred, at this time, I will commit to getting the two episodes, even if they come at the same time (sometimes a 2-part series lends itself better to coming at once); it’s not like the podcast should be offering “cliffhangers” where you have to wait 14 days to hear the rest of the series!
  3. On our solo shows, we will continue to keep them to the unique 14 minutes and 29 seconds in length. The name of our parent company is 1429 Creative (more here about the story behind “1429” . . . yes it is a Bible reference) and that’s why we chose the length. Research continues to show that somewhere around 20 minutes is the optimum length of a podcast (although I listen just fine to podcasts that are much longer). These solo shows will happen once a month.


  1. While the solo shows will be once a month, most likely Randy will be the only host. As we reviewed our processes, we kept running into challenges of getting both of us in the same room to co-host the show. So, just as we did in a few episodes in 2014, Randy will host the solo shows that will feature Randy delivering content on a specific topic – and that will be in the 14:29 length format. Hopefully you will hear Donny some in 2015 but expect that to be as a special guest from time to time.
  2. The other episode each month will hopefully be a guest interview. We have had guests before, but only one guest in 2014 (listen to our 2-part series with marketing guru, John Jantsch, last spring). In 2015, we will do more guest interviews. This is an exciting change that I know will allow you to hear more success stories and great content from others who are in the school marketing space.
  3. While we have always asked for reviews of the podcast on iTunes (that makes sense, so that others perusing iTunes can see that this podcast offers value), we also know it is often easier to make a review on our Facebook page. So while we welcome reviews of this show on iTunes, we know encourage you to leave us a review of the podcast on our Facebook page, too!


We’re looking forward to a great year in 2015!