School marketing podcast #39: Podcasting - How Leaders Build Influence

If you are the Head of School, you know your role is about INFLUENCE. This impact current families, donors, alumni and of course, prospective families.  But what are the tools you are using to build that influence?

If you relying on personal interaction, you will be effective but very limited to how many people you can shake hands with and have a conversation.  And frankly, for most prospective families, they likely consider you “out of reach” and not very accessible.  If you wait until they are on your campus to have a conversation with them or to give a presentation at an Open House, you have lost the opportunity nurture those prospective families much earlier in the enrollment process, thus possibly missing out on the critical step in developing these future families into LOYAL AMBASSADORS (families who REPEAT and REFER).

Social media affords us many opportunities to reach your prospective families with your influence.  You should likely be on Twitter (here’s a quick course on getting started on Twitter) and you should consider starting a blog (here’s how you can launch a blog in 15 minutes or less).  But in this episode of our bi-weekly podcast, we introduce the possibility of podcasting.

Podcasting is growing in popularity as a tool to build influence. Podcasting allows you to:

  • be INTIMATE with your audience audience,
  • go IN-DEPTH and behind-the-scenes,
  • share INSIGHTS and stories, and
  • INSPIRE current and prospective families!

In this episode (only 14 minutes and 29 seconds long), you will explore these 5 reasons why every head of school, administrator or school leader should start podcasting now!. See our shownotes at the conclusion of this post.

Launch your platform! Get your blog started in 15 minutes or less with this quick video tutorial.


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