School marketing ideas on Instagram #ismarketing

We are now on Instagram!  I have used it personally and debated on whether or not I should use it for sharing school marketing ideas since we already do that on Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and our Facebook page.  But after listening to a podcast from Social Media Examiner about Instagram, I was convinced this was a space we needed to be in!

Admittedly, I am still in the process of determining my social strategy for Instagram (if you do not have a strategy, you should sign up for our free webinars in September that will tackle the issue of social media strategy).  Currently, I am posting inspirational quotes, marketing ideas, visual action items that encourage you to go to an external link (I so wish we could hyperlink the links in the descriptions) . . . but I also figured it would be a place to share with you pictures of my 4 kids and my Yorkie named Hunter Thunder.

Here is Hunter’s first appearance:

Here’s an example of one of the recent images that got some quick feedback as soon as I posted it:

I am curious about discovering over time when the best time is to post, how often, and what types of posts do better on likes and comments.  Someday soon I will write more about using Instagram for your school (at a minimum, you know many parents and a ton of your students are already using the app).  I’ve included some resource links below for some immediate suggestions on using Instagram:

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