School marketing podcast 5-star reviews

We hope you will take advantage of our bi-weekly school marketing podcast! Most episodes run only 14 minutes and 29 seconds – with the exception of our quarterly guest interviews (which might be up to 50 min in length). You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes – currently the only podcast in the K-12 category dedicated to private school marketing. Below are two 5-star reviews we have received this year (if you have a review of your own, we welcome your review on iTunes – the more reviews, the more likely other schools can find this podcast, too!)

School marketing podcast review - by SchneiderB

“If you are involved with marketing a school do yourself a favor and listen to the Your School Marketing Podcast. Randy and Donny deliver a ton of actionable information about marketing your school in 15 minutes. I find myself looking forward to each weeks episode and then trying to techniques and tips they discuss!”

~ by SchneiderB

Christian school marketing podcast view by S_bearden
“Anyone involved in school marketing should listen to these podcasts, which are packed with valuable information. I also highly recommend them to school administrators looking for ideas on how to use social media to promote the great things happening in their schools.

– by S_bearden


As we continue to produce new podcast episodes for 2013, we anticipate a growing community of private and Christian school marketing professionals.  Please share with us ideas you have for guest interviews or topics online or via our voicemail line (details below).


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