Is Your School Website About YOU or THEM?

When it comes to your school’s website, is it:

  • all about YOU?
  • all about THEM?

It’s easy to try and imagine every bit of information you think a prospective family might want to know about your school.  The only problem is that you can never include everything, and in the end, you likely end up looking alot like other schools (learn more about the importance of differentiation).  Plus, it comes across as very self-focused.

Try focusing on the things that are beneficial to prospective families – focusing on how your school is unique at solving their family’s educational needs.  Focus on them.

In an article by John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing, the following 6 basic questions are suggested to guide you in ideal website visitor optimization for your school:

  • Who is the ideal visitor you’re configuring for?
  • What are their needs, wants and problems?
  • What is the core message of difference that attracts?
  • What keywords, topics and chapters of content need to be included?
  • What are the 2-3 ideal visitor actions that are desired?
  • What is the conversion path that must be walked and measured?

(Read the full article here)

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