Does your school have a visual content strategy?

Does your private school have a visual content strategy?

Does your school have a visual content strategy?  Nowadays, you are probably aware that the social world is heavily focused on the “visual” representation of the events of your school.  Are you using Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr, Facbeook photos, or Twitter pics to showcase all the events at your school?

Besides just snapping photos, your school must have a visual content strategy in order to optimize the use of pictures.  Your families (current and prospective) are very visual and the integrated world of social media is highly visual.  How visual is your online content?  In a recent guest article on a nationally-recognized small business forum, I was invited to share the important elements of having a visual content strategy.  I think you can easily make the translation to having a visual marketing strategy for your school.

I invite you to read the full article: “2 Easy Steps to a Visual Content Strategy.”


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Having a strong crisis response #schoolpr #crisispr

The recent evil in Newtown, CT, shocked our nation.  Stunned by the tragedy that took so many innocent lives, our nation will grieve this for a while.  Why?  Because it is centered around the place our children are at almost 8 hours a day….school.

In the wake of this recent events, but also triggered by a few regional and local school communications situations, I thought I would carefully offer a few suggestions on ensuring a sound crisis response from your school: (more…)

18 ideas for your school’s social media command center

A Private School Social Media Command Center for Your Next Open House

As you ramp up your organized admission/marketing events such as an Open House or Preview Night, you need to be thinking smart about social media.  You need your very own social media command center.

As a Duct Tape Marketing consultant (learn why I believe Duct Tape Marketing is the best marketing system for any private school), we focus on strategically thinking about social media, not just treating it as an isolated island.   Enjoying an integrated marketing approach for your private school will not only help you see better results, you’ll have the confidence of a long-term, strategic social media effort as opposed to a “fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants” way of doing things.   Some of you know what I’m talking about.  Let’s do social media better!

John Jantsch, the founder of Duct Tape Marketing, recently posted 18 elements of a strong social media command center.  Have fun looking at this list and thinking about how you could implement one or more of them during your marketing season.  You will need to put your innovation hat on and think “outside the box” as you adapt the suggestions to your admission event, but I suspect you will walk away with some game changing ideas that sets you apart from competing schools.

READHow to Create a Social Media Command Center by John Jantsch

School Social Media Marketing: What To Do After You Post Your Blog

School Social Media Marketing: What To Do After You Post A Blog

I love the infographic checklist in this article,12 Things To Do After You Wrote A Blogpost by Ruhani Rabin.  To tease you a little, here’s a summary of the first 6 items on the superbly simple checklist:

  1. Keyword optimize your post
  2. Syndicate your content
  3. Shorten your post’s URL
  4. Tailor your status updates
  5. Post teasers on other sites
  6. Bookmark your content

Click here to learn the final 6 suggestions and to read the full details (well worth your time!)

PS – if you need blogging ideas for your school, read “How to Think About Blog Topics For Your School” and “15 More Blog Topics For Your School” (articles from

PS2 – but why just put the responsibilities on heads of school? – consider “…Why teachers should have blogs” from Georg Couros.