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Your School Marketing is on Pinterest


For schools not on Pinterest (now or never), it is still essential to consider your school’s visual strategy because parents and prospectives may want to pin your stuff!  So even if you have no plans on pinning yourself, be sure and offer them strong pinnable visuals on your web pages, in blog posts and throughout your site that can be pinned (having a quick “Share” button with a Pinterest option is essential).  You can also create strong video content on YouTube that can be pinned as well.

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Marketing Can’t Take a Break During Spring Break

Your School's Marketing Can't Take a Break During Spring Break


Last July, I wrote about “11 Things to Post During the Dog Days of Summer” – a practical list of things to keep the marketing showcase going even when the chairs are empty and there is silence in the classroom, cafeterias and hallways.  It’s March now and Spring Break is an abbreviated version of this absence of students (and most staff, too), but it’s not a time to let your social media go silent.

Not unlike the summer months, keep in mind that while you are thinking already about a much-deserved vacation from the daily grind of promoting your school, Spring Break may well be a time when prospective families are poking around and looking at different educational choices for the upcoming year.  For those families who travel, conversations in the car may lead to some explorations on the iPad once arriving at the hotel.  Or for those enjoying a “stay-cation”, there may be a desire to “just drive by that school” or to enjoy some extended conversation about additional educational options in town.  So just because you are needing a break, your school’s social media marketing can’t take a break during Spring Break!

Here are 3 ideas to keep the flow of marketable, shareable content flowing through your social media channels: (more…)