Are you struggling with marketing your school?

Are you struggling with marketing your Christian school?

Are you struggling to market your school? Do you know how to properly target your promotional communications? What factors should your school consider when implementing an effective and practical marketing plan?

Learn the do’s and don’ts of effective marketing, and discover new and innovative strategies to improve your school’s outreach. Participants will learn how to develop a highly-targeted communication strategy, as well as creative approaches to improve marketing efforts.

Join me on December 11, 2014 at 4p (CT) / 3p (ET) as the guest presenter during the NBOA Winter Webinar Series.  (NBOA is the National Business Officers Association.)


* Free for NBOA members; $75 for non-members

5 Random Facts About Randy Vaughn

5 Random Facts About Randy Vaughn - Private Christian School Marketing Consultant

I have the privilege as serving as a Contributor to the EdSocialMedia Blog.  I have written a few articles in the past:

Because there are a great number of Contributors, a movement started of requesting tagged Contributors to share interesting (and random) facts about themselves so readers could get the know the Contributors better.  I was recently tagged, so I wanted to share my contribution with you.  Click on the image above on the link below.

Getting to Know You: Q&A with Randy Vaughn

Randy Vaughn is an EdSocialMedia Contributor