INSPIRATION: “Why I Stayed” from Christian School Graduate and Former ESPN Producer Lisa Fenn

INSPIRATION: "Why I Stayed" from Christian School Graduate and Former ESPN Producer Lisa Fenn

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In 2009, former ESPN producer, Lisa Fenn, and graduate of Lutheran West Christian school near Cleveland, chronicled a heart-warming story about two young men, Dartanyon Crockett and Leroy Sutton, and the inspirational bond between two boys with different challenges yet amazing resilience and perseverance.  On the Lutheran West Facebook Page, Lisa adds, “Dartanyon and Leroy grubbed their way into my heart four years ago. As an ESPN television features producer at the time, I was always on the hunt for unique athlete pieces…what a privilege to be invited into their private pains and sacred celebrations.

As the sequel to ESPN’s “Outside The Lines” story, we watch of how Lisa stayed with Dartanyon and Leroy beyond high school and witnessed first hand the generous outpouring of ESPN viewers and the amazing story that one of the men to the 2012 London Paralympics.

This is a story that is going viral on social media – so grab a tissue and use this story in your chapel assemblies, classrooms and any other venue where you want to show family, hope and love in action.  This is so good that we are happy to present it to you as our first installment of our “Inspiration & Faith” series.


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