Did you miss these marketing opportunities at your recent graduation?

Missed marketing opportunities at your private / Christian school graduation

Graduation is one of your school’s best marketing events. Tears of joy, cheers of pride, and years of experiences tell powerful stories of your school’s ability to produce top graduates who are ready to change the world!

However, like many campus events only witnessed by insiders (current families), many marketing opportunities are missed. When prospective families, your ideal target audiences and investigating students want to learn about your school, you need evidence to prove every claim you make on your website. Families are too sophisticated (and appropriately suspicious) of “marketing speak” they see on your brochures or website. They want validation. Highly emotional moments in the life of your school offer numerous opportunities for evidence.

In my recent guest article on EdSocialMedia.com, I mention some marketing opportunities you may have overlooked at your recent graduation event.

– in the commencement program, have a full page dedicated to the cumulative amount of scholarship money awarded to the graduating class and from what universities such money came. This is powerful evidence of the type of scholar produced by your school!

Click to read:  “Marketing Fail: 7 Opportunities You Missed at Graduation”

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School marketing podcast #20: #EdSocialMedia Summit 2013 Highlights

In April 2013, I had the opportunity to attend the #EdSocialMedia Summit 2013 at the Walnut Hill School for the Arts in Natick, MA, just outside of Boston.  In this episode, I will share highlights and takeways from the various speakers who offered practical tips on social media for K12 and HigherEd environments.

I linked to most of the speakers in the shownotes, along with some videos to watch.

– Randy Vaughn (follow me on Twitter@schoolmktg

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Ingredients of Your School’s Social Strategy, Part 2

Ingredients for Your School’s Social Strategy, Part 2

Previously, I submitted the first part of “3 Ingredient of Your School’s Social Strategy” (click to read Part One).  The first two ingredients mentioned in that article, having good “integration” and being “interconnected,” are crucial pieces in a school’s social media strategy. The third ingredient—the special sauce, mentioned in this article—is the strategic effort of making a solid plan.

This is the 2nd part of an article I wrote for EdSocialMedia – a national forum discussing the role of social media in education.

Part 2: 3 Ingredients of Your School's Social Strategy





Ingredients of Your School’s Social Strategy, Part 1

Guest Article: 3 Ingredients for Your School's Social Strategy, Part 1

Recently, I was given the opportunity to contribute a unique article for EdSocialMedia, a national forum discussing the role of social media in education.

Your school’s social media strategy must have a solid foundation before getting bogged down in the tactical choices. While there is a bit of a buzz about Pinterest, a curiosity about Google+, and a (bored) familiarity with the functionality of Facebook, the tools won’t make any difference unless your social media plan is strategic.  It must act as your recipe as to “what-when-where-to-post” to ensure anybody pays attention to what you’re whipping up for them to consume.

Part 1: 3 Ingredients of Your School's Social Strategy



*UPDATEhere’s a link to “Part 2 – 3 Ingredients of Your School’s Social Strategy