Strategy precedes tactics. Strategy dictates tactics. Without a strategy, your school will frantically chase the latest trend or cheapest tactic that will grow enrollment. But before you obsess on tactics and tools, you have to know your strategy.

While some schools have chosen to engage with us in our 10-month coaching program, “9 Steps to Marketing Your Christian School”, it may not be what your school needs or it may not be budget-appropriate for you. The Enrollment Marketing Roadmap was created to give schools an opportunity to jump start their enrollment marketing strategy without using up your entire marketing budget. When you engage with us during your Roadmap, this will involve a brief visit to your campus and a few coaching phone calls to give you a roadmap for enrollment success!

While not having the accountability, follow-up and personal interaction over a long period of time (if you need that, click here), this Enrollment Marketing Roadmap may be the ideal opportunity to have us give you an assessment of your strategy and a practical implementation plan along with 3 months of school marketing coaching! Features of this program include:

  • Prior to an on-site visit, we conduct an audit of your total online presence and will evaluate your printed materials that you are currently using to promote your school (these brochures, advertisements, etc., can also be emailed via PDF to reduce postage).
  • Conduct an on-site full-day coaching clinic to discuss your marketing challenges and enrollment gaps/goals. Depending on travel arrangements, this trip may spread out over two days. *All travel-related costs will be at our expense.
  • We will share with you any commendations as well as recommendations on improving your marketing materials and your total online presence.
  • As well as meeting your staff and hopefully visiting with a marketing team (perhaps of staff and volunteers), we will talk about the critical elements of a customized marketing system for your school. In essence, we will hit the highlights of the “9 Steps of Marketing Your School” and give you a few solid action items to accomplish going forward.
  • We will help you prioritize your online and social media efforts to get the most traffic to your site, the most engagement on social media and to help you determine what tools can help you become more efficient in social media.
  • Within 3 weeks of the on-site visit, you will receive a written Enrollment Marketing Roadmap with practical suggestions and tactical approaches that are customized for your school.
  • After delivering the above mentioned Roadmap, you will receive 3 months of marketing coaching and unlimited email support for the 3 months we are together so you can ask any question or receive clarification about the assignments, action steps or for us to review ideas you may want to implement.

The total upfront fee for your Enrollment Marketing Roadmap is $5750.

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