RETENTION: Keeping Your Best

While you expect every family enrolled in your school to be a loyal ambassador, unfortunately that is not always the case. Some attrition is normal, but your retention strategy should be as intentional as your recruiting strategy to fill those empty seats. When I look at schools, I often find the marketing budget and the budget of time and personnel is sorely skewed toward filling seats with new families, yet retention efforts are overlooked (until the re-enrollment campaign kicks in).

In our premium course, “RETENTION: Keeping Your Best”, we have assembled 5 mini-courses to tackle this topic of RETENTION. Because some families drift away, we need to have a strategy to anchor them to your school, close the backdoor and ensure that more and more families re-enroll (and do it sooner rather than at the very last minute!)

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[COURSE 1] 13 Practical Retention Strategies – Everyone knows that it costs a lot more to bring in a brand new family than it does to keep the ones you have, but our marketing efforts rarely reflect this reality! In this course, you will learn over a dozen practical ideas on keeping your families anchored to your school. You will be able to implement these ideas right way so you can work at increasing your retention rate.
[COURSE 4] 11 Reasons Families Leave (and how to stop it!) – Sometimes you simply cannot do anything about a family’s departure (perhaps mom or dad gets transferred to another city). However, if you do an exit survey of families who leave your school, there are a number of common reasons given. But how can we stop this from happening? In this course, you will learn practical antidotes to these most common excuses why parents say they will not re-enroll.
[COURSE 2] Getting Teachers in on Retention – Your faculty (and extracurricular directors like coaches and choir directors) are your front-line customer service professionals. When alumni and parents want to tell others how great your school is, they will almost always mention an individual teacher by name. However, our educators often think of themselves only as educators and not as marketers . . . but they are!
[COURSE 5] 7 Elements of an Effective Re-Enrollment Campaign – In many ways, retention is a year-round effort. However, there is a period of time around the 1Q of every year where letters are sent out, deadlines are announced and fingers are crossed hoping for a higher retention rate than last year! In this course, we will discuss the necessary components of your re-enrollment campaign and how to ensure that you integrate these elements to re-enroll the most families!
[COURSE 3] Retention Tips for Your Key Transition Years – In this course, learn practical tips aimed at the most common areas where re-enrollment is challenged. You will get ideas on getting those preschool moms to go ahead and enroll in Kindergarten. Also, you will learn strategies on getting those parents to move those Elementary kids on into Middle School and ultimately enrolled all the way to graduation!


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