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Does your school have a solid visual content strategy?

In our final webinar of this Spring Webinar Series, I will show you why your school should consider Instagram as part of your marketing system. You will get practical ideas on how to tell your school’s success stories in this unique platform. You will learn not only the reasons WHY you need to use Instagram, but also several examples of how can practically apply Instagram as part of your online presence strategy.

In addition, I will share with you a couple of tools you can use to help you manage your use of Instagram more effectively and efficiently than just the standard IG app.

So take the time to watch the video and learn how to market your school with Instagram!  Enjoy! – Randy

Many schools have a grand long-term vision, but the daily grind of marketing is often characterized as chaotic! Wouldn’t you rather have a systematic approach to marketing? Learn how to install a marketing system that is dynamic, intentional and strategic.

In just over 30 minutes, I hope this webinar showcases the importance of having a systematic strategy and tactical approach to help eliminate marketing chaos!

Enjoy! – Randy

Perhaps you have looked into Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram to market your school. But maybe you have never considered using Pinterest.

In this 22-minute webinar, I hope to convince you 3 reasons why you should have an interest in Pinterest!

Watch this webinar “3 Reasons Your School Be Marketing with Pinterest” to learn more.

Enjoy! – Randy

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Randy Vaughn, Christian School Marketing Consutant

Randy Vaughn, Christian School Marketing Consultant