Multiple solutions essential to year-end school marketing

Their names were Yogi and Cha-Cha. Growing up my family had 2 dogs early on that could not be any different. Yogi was a husky and Cha-Cha was a chihuahua mutt. They were different in size, speed, and in almost every aspect of canine life. But one thing they shared was they were ESSENTIAL to our family. We loved those dogs and we couldn’t imagine life without them.

In that spirit, we wanted to put together some solutions that can be essential to your school’s year-end marketing efforts.


During the course of 6 virtual coaching sessions, Randy will help you first understand the scope of school marketing, helping to bring clarity to your enrollment management team (administration and admissions). As well, you will spend considerable time focusing on the 3 Rs of school marketing: RECRUITMENT, RETENTION and REFERRALS. You will also have a full session helping you to prioritize and optimize your school’s social media efforts. In the end, your entire team will know the key components of installing an school marketing system unique to achieving your enrollment goals.

The total upfront fee for your School Marketing Essentials is $1,750.

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