We welcome guest contributors to our blog!

Christian School Marketing: Guest Blogging Categories (Inspiration, Tips, Success Stories)

If you have a topic that you think would be useful to our audience, we welcome your contribution as a GUEST CONTRIBUTOR*.

Here are the 3 categories of guest blogging that we are looking for:

  1. INSPIRATION & FAITH – a series featuring stories that inspire love in action, selfless sacrifice, and faith that moves mountains.  It can be a YouTube video you have seen, a personal story you have experienced or witnessed, or a perspective that strengthens the audience’s faith or motivates students for service!   See examples in the “Inspiration & Faith” Series!
  2. MARKETING IDEA/TIP – a series featuring guests who offer consulting or resources to private/independent/Christian schools and who want to share a marketing idea/tip that will help schools market themselves.  See examples in the “Marketing Idea/Tip” Series!
  3. SCHOOL SUCCESS – a series featuring those of you in the trenches, whether you are full-time, part-time, volunteer, or consultant.  Perhaps you would like to brag about something working well at your school or a school client of yours.  As well, you may want to share practical wisdom to help school boards, heads of schools, principals and other leaders succeed (this can be leadership thoughts, suggestions on improving operations, or other areas not directly related to marketing but certainly about helping our schools grow and succeed!)  Share your suggestions and successes here and help others also grow their 3 Rs of school marketing: recruitment, retention and referrals!

Until we have time to update this page with all the details, please complete the form below and we will contact you individually about the details and requirements for guest blogging contributions*.

  • Ex: www.schoolname.org

* This is not an advertising place – so self-promotion is prohibited.  We do not offer compensation for your contributions nor do we ask you to pay for the space.  In the details we send you later, you will see that we offer a generous social sharing plan for each guest contribution, so we welcome your submission!