You are awesome!

Hey Ingrid!

We made it to 600 likes on our Facebook page . . . it’s because of you!  You’re awesome . . . thank you!

Now, it’s our time to return the favor. Fill out the form below and let us give you a gift. I promise it’s not a trick, ploy or scam. It’s just our way of saying “Thank you!”

There are 3 options that you can pick from for your gift:

  1. 60-MIN PHONE CONSULT – we always give schools a no-obligation, 30-minute complimentary phone consultation. And from time-to-time, we have extended that to 45 minutes if we are in a good mood! 🙂   But honestly, this just seems right to give you a full hour of my time – no charge.  We can talk about anything marketing-related at your school. We can hit several things or concentrate on one area. If you choose this option, we can email about how we can spend the time. You set the agenda, not me. I listen and offer ideas and counsel. There is NO hard sales pitch. (If you want to know more about how we can help your school on a long-term basis, we will share that with you – but only upon request!)
  2. WEBSITE & SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT – we write up a report about your website – we can give you our opinion on design, experience, navigation, and the overall feel of it as a prospective family might. Sometimes it’s good to have fresh eyes look at your site. We can do the same audit of your social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or others you have. You tell us what channels you want us to review and we will give you our opinion on what it might look like from a prospective family’s perspective . . . and if we see any area of improvement, we will give you our ideas.
  3. STARBUCKS – if you would rather just sip some coffee with a friend on our dime, we understand that, too! We will mail you a $25 Starbucks gift card to your school address (assuming you don’t care to give your home address to strangers, ha!) I promise not to be offended if you choose this option; I might do the same thing!

So now, go ahead and pick your gift!

600 LIKES - How I can help you?

  • It's not everyday that we reach a milestone like 600 likes on our FB page - so we would love to return the favor and do something special for the person who put us over the top to 600 . . . and that's you!