This is our signature comprehensive school marketing program that most schools choose. We work with your school on a very personal basis, communicating bi-weekly, and including a scheduled on-site visit toward the beginning our time together (and we absorb any continental U.S. travel-related expenses!). In 12 months, we address a holistic view of school marketing, including the 3 Rs of school marketing: recruitment, retention and referrals. We dive deep into social media and content marketing and how essential these elements are to a modern enrollment marketing system. We explore lead generation strategies to attract new families, help you clarify your school’s brand message and we help you tell your unique story for prospective families to consider.

What schools have said about working with us!

CASE STUDY: St. Joseph Christian School, St. Joseph, MO

“We are encouraged and surprised by this type of growth.  As you know, growth is blessing, but wow, it is much more inconvenient as well.  Thanks for your guidance and strategies for growth.  Without a doubt, (Randy was) a key part for providing sound suggestions for experiencing growth.”


2014-2015 – 265 students
2015-2106 – 309 students (17% increase)

Dr. Jason Tindol

Superintendent, St. Joseph Christian School, St. Joseph, MO

Randy Vaughn quickly became a good friend to Covenant Life School, and he changed forever how we market our school. He realigned our understanding of marketing to help us think about what we can do to build a stronger sense of community and satisfaction among our current families so they will re-enroll and refer their friends. He helped us organize our marketing team to begin using an integrated social media system, with a systematic approach for planning our marketing strategies and methods. And he walked us through how to develop and present valuable content with shelf life to educate families and build trust so they will consider how our school can meet their needs, calm their fears and fulfill their desires.
Bob Schickler

Covenant Life School, Gaithersburg, MD

CASE STUDY: Columbus Christian Academy, Columbus, MS

“Randy really helped us get a strong marketing foundation. We worked closely with Randy through many of the beginning steps of establishing a long range marketing plan in a way that was understandable for those of us “outside” the marketing circles. Just can’t say enough about the practical USABLE advice and direction we received.”


2014-2015 – 262 students (began consulting in January 2015)
2015-2106283 students (8% increase)

Rachel Thomas

Board Member, Columbus Christian Academy, Columbus, MS

Our marketing department spoke with Randy over the phone, and he offered some very helpful suggestions to step up our posts on social media. We will be implementing his suggestions, and it will be interesting so see how it impacts traffic on social media and our website. Thank you for helping out Central Valley Christian, Randy!
Julie DeVries Bakker

Central Valley Christian

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