Using Facebook Live

One of the ways that schools are increasingly finding creative ways to showcase their school is using Facebook Live.

I love this tool, even though I certainly don’t like being on video myself. However, that should not deter you from experimenting. Below you will find a variety of ways that schools might want to use Facebook Live:

  • In the classroom – train teachers (and make them an admin of your page) so they can create spontaneous snapshots of something they are doing in the classroom. Perhaps they are about to engage in a project that traditional only been for the students’ eyes, but Facebook Live allows you to bring in their families and even future families, too. Even some of your older elementary kids are savvy enough to point the phone in the direction of the 5th grade teacher doing a fun science experiment.
  • in chapel or assembly – Christian schools have regular worship times and this is a neat way for schools to let parents in on the experience. Again, even your future families want to know what chapel is like. Perhaps you assemble the school for announcements, awards or other accolades – give your at-home or working moms and dads an opportunity to be a part of the special day by turning on Facebook Live.
  • from the top – Facebook Live can be a fantastic way for heads of school to be more visible. They can articulate a vision, interview students or just do a student or teacher feature of the week.
  • longer shows – you may wish to turn on Facebook Live for Grandparents Day, Homecoming pep rally, the out-of-town playoff game, or even the spring choir concert. For the latter (including any fine art performances, just ensure you are not violating any copyright by broadcasting your show.
  • parent perspective – have a parent run Facebook Live periodically, allowing them to interview faculty, some older students or even other moms and dads during the pick up line. Coach them on representing the school appropriately. If done right, this could give you a great tool for interested future moms and dads because they might presume the parent is more authentic than the admissions teach might be.

Facebook Live is also one of the areas that Facebook is suggesting you use more and more in order to be seen in the news feed. So this is definitely worth exploring. Click the link below to receive full access to a FREE webinar on this topic.