March content ideas for your private school

As I have done in the past with content ideas for January and February months, here are a few things to be posting about during the month of March:

  • DAY OF PIGS – I’m not sure what you would do here, but March 1st is “National Pig Day”. I used to work for a woman who loved pigs. She decorated her office with everything pig! She used this funny day to host her annual open house. The pig-shaped cookies and the pig theme made it fun for her vendors and clients – and it was something everyone knew about her. This was something that made her unique in the city! Maybe your Head of School can greet the students and parents in the parking lost with some great tastin’ bacon! Be creative in order to be memorable and remarkable! [click to tweet]
  • DR. SEUSS DAY – have some fun with the big strong football players reading Dr. Seuss books aloud to the tiny Kindergartners (this maybe guarantees a high share-ability of these videos simply because of the “cute factor”). If anything, you might contact the local TV stations and ask if they might want to send a crew out for this special day if you do something special. News organizations like “oddball” material for their news programs and your school might be the one who gets coverage on TV because you are willing to do something a little off the wall.
  • NATIONAL ANTHEM DAY – Celebrate the Star-Spangled Banner on March 3rd – have a school-wide contest for the best performance of Francis Scott Key’s song and then celebrate that winner’s performance at your school’s basketball game that night. If you live in a town with a university or professional basketball team, arrange to have the contest winner sing the national anthem at the event. Again, think “news coverage”!
  • LADIES, LADIES – International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8th, so coordinate video interviews with some of your most notable women graduates.
  • SPRING RENEWAL – March often ushers in springtime, so why not post things about your campus that are “renewing”. Maybe it is some spring flowers, new construction, or maybe your school has a renewed vision for the future.
  • WHAT DID YOU LOSE NOW? – Daylight Saving Time is March 11 so have some fun with the time change (“Spring Forward” so you lose an hour of sleep – maybe do a parody video about the Head of School losing things. . . his phone, his hat, his pen, his keys, and then losing an hour of sleep. These videos are just a fun way to showcase the lighter side of your leadership.
  • SPRING BREAK – unless your break occurs in April (which it might if your school’s break is centered around Easter and that holiday happens during the month of April), have some fun talking about this “holiday”. In advance, have someone write a blog post about the “Top 10 Things to Do on Spring Break in ___(your city)___”. If posted early enough, this could get some good traction and traffic if shared enough on social media. Maybe a college counselor can write, “How to Gain $$ for College During Spring Break” where he could not only talk about seasonal jobs, but more importantly how juniors and seniors could spend their break prepping for an improved SAT score which could lead to scholarships. As well, post pictures on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter of students/parents holding a small toy mascot or your company logo on a piece of paper. This would be fun to see where all the places around the world your people visit
  • EASTER – notably the most significant event on the Christian calendar, you should be sharing spiritual reflections on the meaning of the resurrection of Christ. Record video testimonials of parents and staff who tell of their spiritual journey of faith. Have fun with the younger children and record videos of them answering “What is Easter all about?” You will likely get a lot of funny responses about the Easter bunny and hiding/coloring eggs, but you could certainly find some who will talk about Jesus, too. With Easter coming on April 1st, use the month of March to get videos recorded and edited (warning: be careful about doing any “April Fool’s Jokes” about the Resurrection – it’s the highest holy day on the Christian calendar).
  • PURIM – another holiday on the faith calendar is Purim, a celebration recorded in the book of Esther after Haman’s prescribed massacre of the Jewish was thwarted because of Mordecai’s perseverance and Esther’s obedience. [Dates vary according to Hebrew calendar]
  • MARCH MADNESS – this is the NCAA’s “shining moment” where 60+ teams compete around the country for the title of the #1 team in college basketball. I would suspect you have some alumni at some participating schools, perhaps even some who are playing in the tournament. This affords you a great chance to interview that former student via Skype about the impact your school made on him. You can certainly do the same for women’s college basketball and teams that make the NAIA men’s basketball championship.
  • ST. PATTY – March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day. In addition to the annoying (my feeling) “pinching” going on because of someone not wearing green, you may also want to share something of the historical nature of the missionary, St. Patrick. Here’s a video I recorded about the story of St. Patrick.
  • NATIONAL PANCAKE DAY – made famous by IHOP, you may wish to enjoy some flapjacks yourself and post about this March holiday, too (usually celebrated during the first week in March – check IHOP’s website!)
  • PI DAY – no, I’m not talking about cherry pie, but the mathematical celebration of Pi. The 3/14 date, when written 3.14, looks a lot like math’s PI (the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter). Have some fun with pie and pi – maybe a pie eating or “pie-in-the-face” contest with administrators. If you order it in time, you could play this game, “Pie in the Face” game from Hasbro and make some really funny videos. (WATCH A HILARIOUS VIDEO BELOW!)

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