A simple way of looking at school marketing - Randy Vaughn

As a former consultant within the Duct Tape Marketing global network of consultants, I approach marketing based primarily on what the Duct Tape Marketing network calls the “marketing hourglass”. This is a variation of the traditional marketing funnel.

The “marketing hourglass” was conceived by John Jantsch, creator of Duct Tape Marketing. I think it offers a simple metaphor in understanding the relationship your school has with potential families.

Based on a similar definition from Duct Tape Marketing, I believe an easy-to-remember definition of school marketing is this:

“Getting ideal families to know, like and trust you in order to create loyal ambassadors for your school.”

This definition follows the “marketing hourglass” perfectly. New potential families are led into the top of the hourglass. Subsequently and systematically, these ideal families are nurtured through a variety of touch points and trust-building encounters that lead a family through the “know-like-trust” phase. I believe that when a potential family has vetted the competition well, they will come to a point in their relationship with you that they trust you enough to educate their kid(s). Assuming they are a good match, they enroll. The “marketing hourglass” expands from the traditional marketing funnel by emphasizing the “retention” and “referrals” that happen after enrollment. The re-enrollment efforts are given as much attention as recruiting efforts because we do not just forget about them after enrollment. This metaphor causes us to consider how their repeat enrollment year-after-year is something worth nurturing.

As well, the word-of-mouth and marketing referrals are also given as much attention, intentionally instituting marketing efforts aimed at bringing in new leads of potential new families because our current established families are doing the marketing for us!

I would love to help your school install a marketing system that follows this simplified approach to school marketing. I invite you to explore our coaching programs by clicking this page and then filling out the form so that I we can chat for free about it for 45 minutes. I am eager to answer questions, explain fees, and tell you what I expect your enrollment marketing results to be.

Randy Vaughn - Christian School Marketing