“You hit a home run with this content calendar”, said Cynthia Guifarro Bateman of Little Flock Christian School, a recent preschool client in Farifax, VA.

Hundreds of schools have downloaded their FREE content calendar – you can get your copy by clicking any of the images in this article or by clicking here.

SCHOOL MARKETING PLANNING: get your free content calendar that you can keep up-to-date and personalize

It is in a spreadsheet document that you can upload and then update and personalize to your school’s content planning. In this calendar, you will see “at-a-glance” a month or the entire school year (it is laid out August-July) so that you can plan your content way in advance.

You will see weekly ideas you can plug into your calendar for your various online and social media channels. As well, I have categorized the content ideas in 6 major categories:

  • National holidays
  • Cultural holidays (including many that you see “celebrated” on social media)
  • National/Global sporting/arts events
  • Local Community
  • School Special Days
  • Marketing/Admission Events

Say goodbye to “flying by the seat of your pants” when it comes to online content. Plan ahead. Be smart and effective. Get your calendar today!

Content Calendar