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One thing that many of you may not know about me is that I have two degrees. I have a BBA in marketing and a Masters degree in missiology/Bible/cross-cultural communication. I suspect there are not too many folks running around with that combination of diplomas!

While school marketing is a passion of mine, another passion of mine is missions. If you are a Christian, I believe John 3:16 and Jesus’ “Great Commission” of Matthew 28 are clear enough directives that I should be involved in God’s mission to share His love with the entire world!

Speaking of John 3:16, click here to hear me say this verse in the Aja-gbe language of West Africa. My family and I spent a decade of our life involved with the Aja people doing church planting, discipleship and leadership training. I learned the local Aja–gbe (ah-jog-bay) language so I could speak with and learn from my Aja friends.

This week, I am in Thailand for my first visit to the continent of Asia. I am here as part of a mission team from the States sent to encourage about 40 pastors, missionaries and southeast Asian ministers. [I am finishing the writing of this post from Thailand: this week we are involved in Bible study, worship and corporate and individual prayer time. I am on the prayer team where I will have many opportunities to pray with these incredible men who have come to Chiang Mai, Thailand!) Here’s a video I posted earlier to my Facebook page:

I am not sure what your summer holds for you. I love spending my summers with my family on vacation and in some way or another, it is our family goal to be involved in some sort of mission trip every summer. At the time I am writing this, my oldest son, Timothy (13 years old), is with his grandparents on a mission trip to Zambia, Swaziland and other parts of southern Africa. My daughter is making plans as well to spend her summer before her senior year in an undisclosed mission point around the world (I am vague for privacy and security reasons).

I attend a church that is focused on sending people on mission trips to share God’s love and to strengthen those who serve God in nations around the world. We love that part of our church!

For most Christian schools, your mission is to supplement, augment and support your parents’ decision to raise up their children with godly values and an eye toward a world in need. I understand the mission of God that drives your commitment to Christian education. I get why you do what you do!

If I can be of any help to your Christian school, please reach out to me and learn about our different coaching services for Christian schools. You can learn about our “Enrollment Marketing Roadmap PLUS+” and our “9 Steps to Marketing Your Christian School” year-long coaching program.

Randy Vaughn