Check out this virtual school marketing conference from @schneiderb on March 31st

Last fall, I was honored to be asked to be one of the presenters at the first SchneiderB Virtual School Marketing Conference. It was a fun format and I listened to many of the other presenters. I was blown away by the amazing quality of content that the other presenters shared. So many practical ideas and Brendan Schneider did a fantastic job fielding questions from the participants.

And all of this was VIRTUAL – which means participants saved thousands of dollars on travel-related expenses of normal in-person conferences. As well, participants did not have the hassle of being away from work and their families. Plus, the whole thing was recorded for future playback (with access for 1 year!)

Well, the 2016 SchneiderB VirCon is back and it looks equally amazing. This virtual conference is Monday, March 21st.

I don’t know all of these presenters, but many I do – this spring’s lineup is awesome!

Here are the presenters:

  • Hans Mundahl: Making Sense of Social Media Analytics: What matters, what doesn’t, and what to act on immediately
  • Daren Worcester: SEO Self Defense — Reviewing how to manage the school’s brand image in search results and the knowledge graph
  • Scott Allenby: Developing a Personalized Inbound Marketing Strategy – Understanding strategy from the data you gather to the content you deliver
  • Stacy Jagodowski: Marketing Plans: Your Roadmap to Success and Sanity
  • Simon Leeming: Social Media Strategy for Education Marketing
  • William Stites: Managing Social Media at your School
  • Brendan Schneider: Admission Office Funnel 101 – What to do after you get an inquiry
  • Jon Moser: Best Practices for Digital Engagement and Inbound Marketing

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