As a consultant with private and independent Christian schools, I recognize that one of the most unspoken questions is “how do we measure up?”

Cindy Taylor of AISAP (Association of Independent School Admission Professionals) noted this on their site:

“Since starting at AISAP, I’ve heard probably dozens of comments expressing a similar sentiment. And while I understand why many want to be super-protective of confidential information and protect privacy, I wish we could all be more open about how we’re doing. It would help all of us — new-to-admissions and seasoned vets alike — better measure ourselves and benchmark our own efforts.”

Transparency. We all want it from others, but are WE willing to be transparent with one another?

May I challenge you to do that?

Would you be willing to (anonymously) share with AISAP your school’s data on conversion rate, student acquisition strategy, tuition schedule, retention rate and other facets of their businesses, to make all independent schools more educated, more savvy and more successful? In order to improve the effectiveness of all independent schools, I hope you will.


[This is a 5-minute survey – you do not have to be an AISAP member to share your input. See link to survey below.]

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