Want to work smarter on social media? Jaclyn Day of RenWeb shares her tools (podcast ep.#53)

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Interview guest: Jaclyn Day, Director of Marketing and Communications at RenWeb School Management Software.

When it comes to social media, you definitely have to think about working SMARTER, not harder! There is so much to manage and get posted in a timely manner. If you are in communications, enrollment management, advancement or admissions and you are feeling overwhelmed by social media at your school, this episode will help!

Jaclyn Day, Director of Marketing and Communications at RenWeb School Management Software, answers these 5 questions:

  1. What tools can schools use to manage their social media profiles more easily?
  2. Where should schools focus their energy first? 
  3. How can schools generate content for social media accounts if just one person at the school is responsible for updating and monitoring all of them? 
  4. What are some ways to make social media and inbound marketing actually pay off for a school?
  5. How can schools get ahead of their competitors by using social media accounts or creating a content strategy for them? 

As well, Jaclyn speaks of the RenWeb PowerConference coming up in July 2015. At this time, there is a waiting list, so those wanting to attend are encouraged to register in the event there is a last-minute cancellation. I (Randy) am speaking at this year’s PowerConference in San Antonio in 3 classes about social media.


Jaclyn Day is the Director of Marketing and Communications for RenWeb School Management Software. She oversees the brand’s editorial and visual strategy, coordinates all internal and external communications, and oversees digital/social content and engagement. Prior to joining RenWeb in 2009, she worked in Washington, DC, focusing on public relations that specialized in public affairs, digital strategy and corporate messaging. Jaclyn is passionate about social media and inbound marketing and how they relate to corporate communication in the digital age. After Jaclyn joined RenWeb, she developed a successful social media strategy from scratch and revamped internal and external marketing communications. Jaclyn received her Bachelor of Arts in Public Communication with a concentration in Public Relations from Washington Adventist University. She still lives and works in the Washington, DC area.