Randy Vaughn, Christian School Marketing Consultant, will present three social media session topics at 6 different times during the annual RenWeb Power Conference (this year in San Antonio, TX).

If you are attending the Power Conference, use the hashtag #RWPC.

Randy’s sessions are as follows:

RenWeb Power Conference Session: SOCIAL MEDIA w Randy Vaughn

TUESDAY – 10:30am

THURSDAY – 7:30am

They say “a picture is worth a 1000 words”, so how is your school’s visual content strategy on social media? Are you publishing the right kinds and lengths of videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram or Vine? Are you just adding albums of photos on Facebook but not really sure who looks at all of them? Are you unsure what size images to use on the different social media channels? Come hear strategies, tips and examples of schools and organizations who are implementing a highly effective visual content strategy.

RenWeb Power Conference Session: SOCIAL MEDIA w Randy Vaughn

TUESDAY – 1:50pm

TUESDAY – 3:10pm

WEDNESDAY – 12:40pm

Schools are notorious for incessant self-promotion all in the name of “filling seats” – but this is the least effective approach to social media. In fact, your prospective families will be turned off if all you do is talk about your school – how does that impact them? In addition, your current families will be less likely to share your posts because your social media posts are all about you. We we will learn that social media not all about YOU but all about your prospective families. Come learn the keys to having a highly effective social media strategy!

RenWeb Power Conference Session: SOCIAL MEDIA w Randy Vaughn




With choices such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, SnapChat, Vine…..well, running an effective social media system is overwhelming! Do you know the best tools, apps, and other resources to use when posting to these various social media channels? We will talk through all the options and share the best tools to help you be most effective and efficient on social media.