Marketing your athletic program with @CoachWalrich @GALancerAD (podcast #56)

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Interview guest: Coach Jeff Walrich, Director of Athletics for Gilmour Academy (@CoachWalrich and @GALancerAD)


Marketing the athletic program is a passion of Coach Jeff Walrich, Director of Atheletics at Gilmour Academy, an independent, Roman Catholic, coeducational, college-preparatory school in the Cleveland suburb of Gates Mills, Ohio.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • the role of social media and athletics
  • how to “stop the scrolling”
  • how Coach Walrich is using graphics on social media to bring recognition to student-athletes
  • how parents and grandparents react to the recognition their student-athlete receives
  • how to give parents a site where they can download graphics for their child’s scrapbook
  • how students are asking Coach Walrich how they can be featured on one of the graphics
  • how to manage multiple social media accounts
  • the book most recommended by Coach Walrich (and Randy, too) in understanding what to post on social media
  • how Coach Walrich is using an APP to increase attendance at all of their athletic events (and other events around campus) and the students love it!

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Marketing your athletic program with @CoachWalrich @GALancerAD (podcast #56)