3 things I learned about school marketing from the half-marathon I ran over the weekend

  1. STRATEGY IS CRITICAL – I knew the 13.1 mile course, had my rehydration/refuel gear, and my audio encouragement planned out before I started. I slept well the night before and fueled up before the race so I would be ready. Is your marketing “shoot-from-the-hip” or a systematic and strategic effort?  Do you have a plan in place?
  2. TRAIN FOR THE MIDDLE – in the Fort Worth Cowtown Half Marathon, the hardest part is between miles 6-10.  Physically, you are feeling the “burn” and while parts of it is scenic, much of it is not.  And to make it worse, you are going through a part of town known for its street tacos!  So either the smell can make you nauseous or it can make you wish you were already at the finish line.  Not a lot of folks are at mile 8 cheering you on (it is a serious incline for 1 whole mile).  Most of the cheering fans are at the beginning and the end.  The middle is the grind that will test you physically and mentally.  We had a lot of snow/ice days in the past 2 months and that limited my training.  And because of that, this year’s half marathon was the hardest I remember.  So train for the middle!
  3. MEDALS (and food) ARE YOUR REWARD – the last 2 miles, even after the hard middle, were the easiest because the cheering fans were louder and you could see the finish line. My wife and I finished at the exact same time and were immediately adorned with our medals for finishing.  Then we got to chow down on some really good food afterward.  While the middle may be hard, once you finish the race, it is worth it!  Do not get discouraged if you are in the “middle” of a hard marketing season.  Press on.  Look to the finish.  And get ready for that medal you deserve!