Retention: Nurturing Loyalty in Your Christian School

A Christian school Head of School once remarked, “having one family re-enroll is our best fundraiser we can have.”  Another popular retention marketing slogan often quoted reminds us that “it’s cheaper to keep ’em!”  The reality is that, whether you are an auto mechanic, Christian school marketing consultant (smile), or a Christian school, we spend a whole lot more money to chase after a new customer than it costs to retain a current one.  But in reality, aren’t our current customers the ones often overlooked?

When I consult with Christian schools all over the country, I perhaps shock their Admissions departments when I suggest that they are not in the business of enrolling new students.  Rather, I suggest that we are in the business of cultivating “loyal ambassadors” for your school.  Loyalty suggests retention while your ambassadors are your non-paid sales team promoting your school for you!

I have assembled a few articles from around our site but many external sites that speak about maximizing your retention efforts: