Christian School Marketing

Today, Encyclopaedia Britannica announced it is going completely digital!

  • For years, schools have wrestled with whether or not to replace printed yearbooks with digital versions.
  • Blackboards are replaced with smartboards.
  • Skype allows teachers to teach classrooms across the country.

Education delivery is different.  The tools are constantly changing.

Are you changing with the times?

School marketing tools change rapidly as well:

  • Email marketing messages replaces monthly printed newsletters
  • Facebook Pages invite daily interaction with families, and a rich environment for word-of-mouth
  • Twitter connects adminsitrators, educators and admissions reps to colleagues around the world for new ideas
  • Pinterest captures people’s interest in the visual, compelling schools to share more images online
  • Google+ engages classrooms in hangouts with peers around the world for collaborative approaches to the world’s problems
  • . . .  and so much more !

So what is the future of education?  For one provocative approach that challenges the traditional delivery method of education, watch this 60 Minutes report on way that could possibly change classroom responsibilities for your teachers.