Heather Hoerle, Executive Director of SSTAB (Secondary School Admission Test Board), shares a brief, but important topic, “A Year of Trustee Topics in Admission” in the video below.  In summary, she shares:

  • Enrollment management should always be a strategic priority
  • Hear at least 3 times a year what’s happening to examine trends in the market space
  • Reporting should be all-year round (so there’s never any surprises)
  • In the fall, analyze enrollment season results, especially dissecting the numbers by specific categories
  • Whether you are seeing a decline or an increase, you need to know why
  • In the winter, you may not fill every seat in your first season (around February); step up your efforts toward the spring/summer to fill available seats by the time the second season ends in August
  • At the end of the school year, the Board and Admission team should consider a thorough checkup
  • Understanding your competition (it’s not just private schools)!

This video courtesy of TrusteeU & Advis