More and more private schools are exploring how to integrate technology into their classroom.  They are exploring ways to use online tools, internet games and social media to expand ideas and create innovative solutions. Whether it’s a tablet program, MacBooks, or iPads in the classroom, administrators are seeing this as a marketing weapon.

  • IT’S UNIQUE – while you may not be the only school in the state with a MacBook for every high school student, you may be the only one within 20 miles of you.  When parents are investigating your school based on its technological readiness, this will stand out.
  • PREPAREDNESS – parents want their kids to be on the cutting edge of 3D virtual reality, worldwide Skype chat, and using the web to collaborate with students in schools in other countries to solve some of our world’s most challenging problems.  The 60×60 classroom and the 60 acre campus has to grow and include the fast-paced technological world.
  • BUZZ – when students get to use social networking sites for good, to create change, to collaborate or to innovate, this is something that is often not said of the public schools in your area (perhaps their storyline is about budget cutting, bullying or low test scores).  The local (and beyond) press loves stores of educational initiatives in schools – because “kids doing good” makes great feature stories!
  • WORD-OF-MOUTH – students and parents love to talk about their school’s MacBook program or their iPad initiative – so this makes for great W-O-M candy out on the social networks.

Here’s a great video of one school in Iowa who is capturing the enthusiasm of their students and the school’s technological initiatives.