Online reputation is critical to your school’s brand.  Ignoring it (like so many do, usually out of sheer ignorance of its influence) is no longer an option.

Your school, along with hundreds and thousands of other competition schools, are rated by students and parents on several review sites, such as Private School Review, but most families will visit

It takes great intention and deliberate effort to get online reviews – while you will naturally (organically) get reviews from students and parents, you cannot also count on them being 5-star reviews!  It is not uncommon to think that the negative reviewers rant and rave a whole lot more than positive people give out compliments.  It’s just human nature.  So you have to be persistent, systematic, and diligent – make online reviews your friend!

Watch this video from NBC Today Show – where the real estate expert tells people where to get information about local schools when moving to the area – guess where she sends them?

Click on the video below:


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