I was with a Christian school in a Houston-area suburb yesterday.  We talked for 2 hours and shared alot of ideas.  When I returned home, I got another inquiry from another school in Texas.  As stated in their email, they articulated their needs:

  • Ideas
  • Results
  • On a low budget

I don’t think it’s the best way to develop your marketing for your school (creating and owning your unique marketing strategy for your school is the best way), but we can learn a few things from businesses around us.  So I found 3 content pieces that might help offer a few ideas:

Marketing lessons from Coca-Cola

Marketing Lessons from Starbucks

Finally, Rick Newberry of Enrollment Catalyst, offers Private School Marketing Lessons from a Restaurant on Captiva Island. Interesting read from Rick – hope you get a few nuggets you can put into practice today!

~ Randy

* Our blog will have to go on hiatus for 2 weeks as we focus on a few school client projects and travel overseas for mission work.  We’ll be back later in the month!