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We got ad space

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Most of the articles on this site steer you toward ideas on marketing your school (you know, for the ultimate purpose of growing your family base and improving retention rates) – but looking at a few recent blog posts that I came across on Twitter, this idea of “revenue-generation-in-schools” intrigued me.

How far will your school in capturing ad revenue?  Asking outsiders to pay for advertising space is not a new thing in schools, but with schools (public and private) tightening belts, some schools are exploring some new areas of ad revenue generation.

But at what cost?

What are the boundaries?  Do you think, in bringing in “corporate sponsors”, that you may be sacrificing the integrity of keeping your institution 100% focused on the kids without outside influences?  What about the nature of the ads themselves?  Do they compromise your school’s values (probably not flagrantly immoral, but what if they promote excessive consumerism)?  How do you decide what ads are acceptable?  Is it reinforcing negative consumerism (parents often assume a “pure” academic environment for their child and not an environment inundated with subliminal messages)?  Or is this revenue-generation teaching your kids (many who are aspiring entrepreneurs) how responsible business practices can include attracting quality advertisers to further a product, service or mission? (you probably guess where I stand on the issue . . . )

There are many questions, but let’s look at a few long-time users of outside ad space as well as exploring options for other use:

Long-time Users

  • Yearbooks (corporate as well as parental contributors)
  • Sports programs (full program sponsorships as well as 1/4-page spots in the back)
  • Stadiums (permanent fixtures as well as seasonal ad space)
  • Textbook covers (yet the audience is likely totally ignoring the business’ publicity effort)
  • Cafeteria ads (usually reinforcing positive eating habits, but what about local food vendors where the audience sees it when they are hungry?)
  • Website (although limited, I do see it some)

Other Possibilities?

Your school’s revenue may come in many forms, from tuition to outside grants.  Typically ad-revenue has been limited to the projects above, but what obligations do independent schools have in bringing in more dollars to cover other items so as not to burden families with further tuition hikes?

– Randy

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