Your school can spend alot of money on attracting new students.  And you need to do that.

But you’ll also admit that the retention of great families generates significant value:

  • MONEY – returning families help your bottom-line and they keep your funding dollars flowing.   One headmaster told me, “the more families we can keep, the less fundraising we have to do.”
  • VALUE – when schools can tout at graduation that they have had 25 students from K-12, or when they lay claim to 85% or more of our families return every year, this reinforces the value that you are desperately marketing to prospective families
  • REFERRALS – legacy families, or families that have been apart of your school for years and even generations, often are your best ambassadors.  They voluntarily share their experience with their friends at church, at the coffee shop or basketball game, or even on Facebook.

John Jantsch, a small business marketing consultant, shares ideas on how to attract and keep these ambassadors!