Four Fun February Content Ideas for Your School

Recently, I wrote a post called “Happy New Year: 7 Content Suggestions for Your School in January”. Now, I offer 4 content ideas that your school should be using on your school blog and social media platforms in February.

But first – why? This time of year, admissions offices are overwhelmed by preview night planning and re-enrollment deadlines. So I have heard many schools say, “these are neat, but we are swamped right now.” But the strategy behind these content ideas is not just to have fun (although revealing your school’s personality is important). You want engagement on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. You want your current followers to like, favorite, comment and share your content. These allow your school to reach into similar audiences as your followers when they share your content with their friends and followers. So there is a real strategy behind creative content.

Here are 4 February content ideas for your school:

  1. GROUNDHOG DAY – the 2nd day of the 2nd month is the popular cultural event where the groundhog supposedly predicts the upcoming months’ weather. You can use your own mascot to “predict” 6 more weeks of winter. Another cultural reference to Groundhog Dad stems from the 1993 Bill Murray classic movie of the same name. Thus, Groundhog Day references have also come to include having to endure unpleasant situations over and over until changes are finally made (like the experience of the arrogant weatherman Bill Murphy portrayed in the movie). With some creativity, you could create a mini-movie of a public school family experiencing the same struggles over and over until they finally emerge with a new plan to explore your school that will change their future!
  2. SUPER BOWL – because it is very often one of the most trending topics of the early part of this second month, be sure and have contests to predict the winner (fun wagers between coaches or lower and upper school principals can result in future video fun as the loser has to do something embarrassing in front of the student body). If there are any local tie-ins to the NFL players from the 2 teams, capture those and hit up your local media and let them know about it!
  3. VALENTINES DAY – approach this holiday from a variety of angles! Feature longtime romance stories of your staff by interviewing them (in a written article with photos or a video interview) about how many years they have been married. Schools of the Christian faith may want to feature the historical background of St. Valentine. You can also have fun with images on Facebook and Instagram where you have a large chalkboard that students and parents will hold up with “Why I LOVE My School”.
  4. HISTORICAL FIGURES – whether it’s Black History Month or Presidents’ Day, this month provides you plenty of opportunities connecting your present-day school life with the past. Perhaps your community or school has direct ties to significant events from African-American leaders. This would give you a way to connect your school to the things that your community is talking about. With Presidents’ Day, why not also do a feature on your own school President. Or let the President of your Student Council do something creative to showcase your school’s personality.

There are a host of other celebrations in this month, including bizarre events like “National Cherry Pie Day” and “National Tooth Fairy Day” (who knew?) Have fun with as many as you can!

If you need more ideas on having your own content calendar, download our FREE spreadsheet calendar and a complimentary content guide.

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